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“Our faith must always be fully governed and ruled by the simple Word of God, and we must reject the additions that men have made” (John Calvin, sermon on Gal. 3:15-18).

“For how many people do we find today who strongly and firmly uphold the ceremonies of the law, and see nothing wrong with this? Worse than this, they uphold follies and traditions which have been invented by men; and even abuses, errors and deceits which are more terrible and more foolish than anything else. All of these are insisted upon with extreme rigidity by those who want us to obey them” (John Calvin, sermon on Gal. 6:12-13).


Topical Bible Studies from Expository Commentary by John Calvin (PDF format) 

Biography of John Calvin
A Brief Introduction to John Calvin, “The Theologian” by Steven Lawson (Ligonier Ministries)

The Genesis of Marriage–Genesis 2:18-25

The Psalms
The Grace of God–Psalm 25:9
God, the Terrifying Author of Nature and the Benevolent Defender of His People–Psalm 29:5-11
The Forgiveness of God–Psalm 32:1-2  
The Providence of God–Psalm 33:13-15; 68:31-35
Angels–Psalm 34:7-10; 35:4-6; 68:17  
Fearing God–Psalm 34:9  
Biblical Typology–Psalm 45: Solomon and His Wife as a Type of Christ and The Church 
Election and the True Church, Jew and Gentile–Psalm 65
Longing for the Courts of the Lord–Psalm 84
Assurance of Salvation–Psalm 89
Life is Short.  Serve God Now.–Psalm 90
God, Our Protector–Psalm 91
The True Church is Small, Often Very Small–Psalm 96
The God of Creation–Psalm 104
The Proper Use of Food and Drink–Psalm 104
God’s Providence, Predestination, and Free Will–Psalm 105
God’s Healing Power–Psalm 107
Meditating on God’s Law and Precepts–Psalm 119
True Peace–Psalm 119

Jeremiah   (Note: Other articles from Jeremiah may be found on the Writings page.)
Covenant Theology
God’s Grace and Salvation
God’s Judgment and Wrath
Pastoral Ministry  
Perfections of God
Reformed Theology
Spiritual Adultery  
True and False Pastors
True and False Preaching
Additional Biblical / Theological Questions–Q & A w/ John Calvin

The Lord is My Portion and My Hope–Lamentations 3:24
God’s Eternal Decrees and Providence–Lamentations 3:37-39

Opening Prayer
Ezekiel’s Calling and Ministry
The Wheel of Fortune versus the Wheel of God–Ezekiel 1:4
God’s Eternal Decrees and Providence–Ezekiel 1:19-22; 10:17
Legalism and License–Ezekiel 3:18
Ezekiel, God’s Herald–Ezekiel 5:13
False Worship and Spiritual Adultery–Ezekiel 6:4-9; 11:19-20
Pride Defined–Ezekiel 7:10
Pictures and Images in Worship–Ezekiel 8:7-11
God Protects His People–Ezekiel 9:3-6
The True and False Church–Ezekiel 11:14-16
Regeneration–Ezekiel 11:19-20
A Land Worse than Sodom–Ezekiel 16:44-45
Justification–Ezekiel 18:14-17; 20:11
Augustine’s Famous Prayer
Original Sin–Ezekiel 18:20
Traditional versus Reformed Worship–Ezekiel 20:18-19, 21-26
Calvin’s Last Lecture–The Glory of God–Ezekiel 20:39-44

The Sin of Gluttony–Daniel 1:11-15
God’s Providence–Daniel 2:47
Biblical Interpretation–Daniel 7:27-28
The Kingdom of God
The Roman Empire in Prophecy
Christ Foretold by the Prophet Daniel–Daniel 9:24-27
Angels–Daniel 10:13, 21
Christian Intelligence–Daniel 11:33-34
The Religion of the Roman Empire–Daniel 11:38-39
Departing Promises to the Church–Daniel 12:1-4, 10

The Minor Prophets
Jonah on True and False Worship–Jonah 2:8-9
God’s Sovereignty over the Good and Over the Wicked–Joel 2:11
Hosea on Holiness–Hosea 3-4
Micah on Peace and War
Micah on True and False Prophets
Micah on True and False Religion
Micah on True and False Worship

The Gospel of John
The Truth Shall Make You Free–John 8:30-59

Chosen by God–Romans 9:  Predestination, Election, and Reprobation
God’s Never-Ending Love for Israel–Romans 10 & 11
On the Observance of Religious Holidays
–Romans 14:5-6

1 Corinthians 
Biblical Headship–1 Corinthians 11:2-16
God’s Prescription for Order in the Church
–1 Corinthians 14:33-40
Compare B.B. Warfield’s treatment of 1 Cor. 14:33-39 (This link redirects to the Trinity Foundation website.)

Liberation from a Toilsome Religious Calendar–Galatians 4:9-11 


On the Traditions of Men and Religious Holidays–Colossians 2:8-9, 16-23

1 Timothy
Calvin on Lent, Ash Wednesday, and Good Friday–1 Timothy 4:1-3

Angels–Hebrews 1:10-14 
Contentment vs. Coveteousness–Hebrews 13:5

The Epistle of 2 Peter
True Humility and the Clarity of Scripture–2 Peter 1:19-21

The Epistle of 1 John
The Small but Faithful Church of Christ–1 John 4:4-6
The Apostle John’s Warning Against Idolatry–1 John 5:19-21

Institutes of the Christian Religion 
Christian Liberty
Civil Government
Confession of Sin
Essential Truth
Fasting and Lent
He Descended Into Hell

Heavenly Mindedness
In Christ
Justification by Faith Alone
Mortification–The Process of Dying to Sin
Pictures of Christ–The Place of Images, Statues, Pictures, and Visuals in Christian Churches
Sacraments and Frequency of Communion Observance
Scripture Alone–All-Sufficient and Complete
The Celibacy of Priests Refuted
The Confirmation of Children as Communicant Members
The Four Causes of Salvation
The Gospel Binds and Looses
The Last Resurrection
The True Altar and the True Priest
The True and the False Church
True Holiness Versus Cheap Grace

Is Marriage a Sacrament?  Calvin on Scripture alone, Sacraments, and Separatism

Tracts and Letters
Christian Marriage
Liberty of Conscience
On the Visitation of the Sick
The Lord’s Supper 

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